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Love in the time of Corona

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Love in the Time of Corona - Single Style:

We’re only 3 months into the new year and a lot of my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions are taking a hit, especially the one where I intended to actually date. COVID-19 has me realizing that while we’re all at home and online, his Apple watch is probably connected to his iPhone which in turn is connected to his MacBook. So if he’s incommunicado now, it’s probably not going to get any better in the post-quarantine world. Thank u, next!

I now find myself at a turning point - to date or not to date in the time of Corona? Do I spend my time and effort finding an old-fashioned gentleman to write letters (electronic is fine) back and forth, falling in emotional love, and meeting once this is all over? OR do I find myself focusing on some self-love in the time of corona? (See Kylie)


  • Actually attend one of The League Live parties

  • Quarantine & Chill via Netflix’s Watch Party

  • Zoom/Skype dates! Is this what long distance relationships are like?

  • Time to start letting your mom scour LinkedIn for a potential post-apocalypse boo??

  • TAKE A CHANCE! DM that long-time crush


  • Focus on YOU: Now’s the time to start that hobby you always wanted to, be it yoga, painting, learning guitar or French, learning guitar AND French

  • Build your other type of ‘ships - FaceTime friends near and far, uncles, aunts, and cousins you aren’t quarantined with

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic introduces unprecedented challenges. Yet, access to virtual means of maintaining connections allows us the opportunity to circumvent social isolation while partaking in our social responsibility to participate in social distancing measures.

Love in the Time of Corona - Long-Distance Style:

Farewell to the times of “Oh, I could never do long distance”... everyone is doing it. Literally everyone. As someone who has been in a long distance relationship for many years, I’m silently laughing at all my friends who swore they could never maintain a relationship through FaceTime. Get used to it, ladies! Unless you want to be on lockdown with your new(est) boo that you just met last month in the club, congratulations... you’re now in a long distance relationship.

As a long distance relationship pro (whose boyfriend is an insane germaphobe and won’t even FaceTime me because I sneezed last week), with a lot of extra time on my hands, I thought I’d share some tips.

1. Schedule FaceTime calls!

  • In this new (and terrifying time), it is VERY easy to sleep the day away or get lost in a family sized pot of pasta and never make time for your S.O. Try to have a set time to talk to your partner and have some activities planned. For example: movie night, 2 hours of scheduled complaining about your boyfriend's mother, ordering the same extra-large pizza and eating together. All very fun and exciting activities.

  • TIP: For movie nights, try using the Netflix Party Chrome Extension. It syncs up your Netflix screens and has a cute little chat box so that you can even complain about your boyfriend's mom during the movie!!

2. Be flexible and independent!

  • With everyone having an unprecedented amount of time to connect with their families, be flexible. Try not to get upset if your S.O isn’t able to chat when you’re dying to discuss the 4th ramen recipe you tried today. Use this long-distance relationship time to do you, boo! Bake a cake! Eat the whole cake! Being in a long-distance relationship gives you the chance to learn to be independent and develop new skills.

3. Remember that absence make the heart grow fonder.

  • If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in an LD relationship, it’s that it makes your time together so much better. Don’t stress, girl. Your man will miss you A LOT A LOT and when you finally do see each other, those experiences together will be so much more meaningful and special.

Work on you and enjoy this time alone (trust me, it’s awesome).

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