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Travel in the time of Corona

Although every day we live constitutes “living through history”, it is through pivotal moments like the COVID-19 Pandemic that we tend to feel it the most. Now that many college campuses have urged evacuation for those that can, undergraduate and graduate students alike have been sent scrambling - can I go home? What will next term be like? How can I plan for my future at a time like this?

In times where uncertainty looms and fear is widespread, it can be helpful to hone in on one thing at a time. This is why we have broken down this blog series into separate areas of our lives that may be impacted in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Join us as we explore ways life will and will not change as we, as a country and as people of the world, re-discover what is important to us and adapt to this temporary, new normal.

Following the end of winter term, I found myself scrambling to decide on next steps. Not only were vacation trips put on hold - but also academic and study abroad programs were cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As the situation becomes increasingly potent in the United States, what should we be thinking about in regards to travel??

From small scale health questions I had: Do jeans or do leggings pick up more germs? Are overhead bins sanitary or should I opt to check-in bags? Will airports be crowded with the rush of people returning home?

To larger scale health questions: What if I pick up something on the plane? At the airport? On the Uber drive?

These questions made me swerve when people pushed their luggage too close, hold my breath through the TSA security check, and hand sanitize at every possible moment.

To manage all the uncertainty I held towards travel, I decided to equip myself as best as I could: by transforming my handy fanny pack into my handy “sani” pack, filled to the brim with sanitizing power.

This corona 6-pack has all the travel essentials you’ll need to ensure that your hands are sanitized, your phone and laptop screens are disinfected, and that you’re covering your mouth/nose without further depleting our supply of disposable surgical masks!

Throughout my trip back home, I also heeded CDC advice about hand-washing and avoiding touching many surfaces and the face during this time. Upon my arrival at home, I socially distanced from my family members and made sure to keep my Sani Pack handy.

As the situation regarding travel changes on the daily, make sure to keep up with the newest regulatory mandates and travel advisories through reputable sources.

In the meantime, you can do small things to keep the corona far, such as keeping a Sani Pack near. Eventually we’ll be out of Corona time. Until then sit tight, stay inside, practice physical (not emotional!) distancing, and we’ll get through this together.

What has travel in the time of Corona been like for you? Follow for more @thepineperspective

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